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Commerce Goods + Supply is new blood born of Texas history and stories makers. experience the warmth of a western presence in a modern light through a curated mix of artisan goods and elevated essentials. Located in the historic Adolphus Hotel, Commerce is new blood born from old money and mahogany. Luxury and history have shaped who we are; our intuitive unencumbered nature dictates what we do. Commerce encompasses the warmth of a western presence in a modern light with neutrals, relevant makers, and valuable local partnerships.

We are a one stop shop, providing a curated mix of everything from clothing to apothecary.


Buy-Out Commerce for the Holidays

Book a dedicated Commerce stylist for your very own private shopping excursion. We will close the shop just for you. Bring your favorite fellow shoppers to buy holiday gifts at a discount, have them wrapped by our team, toast each other over a glass of bubbly,  and, because no one else will be around, you can rest easy.


  • Select your date for either time slot
    • 4pm-6 or 5-7pm
    • Private Event space is $500 and includes bubbly
  • Invite 15 of your favorite people
  • A Commerce Stylist will work with you on all details up to and during your event
  • We will be completely closed for 2 hours just for your private group
  • 20% off the entire store during your visit
  • Gift Wrapping Services onsite for your convenience



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the renard commerce
The Renard

The Renard was designed in collaboration with Stetson specifically for The Adolphus, sold exclusively at Commerce Goods + Supply. The design is a classic 1930s fedora with a modern twist. The hat is named after “Renard,” meaning “Fox” in French, which was the code word to get into the sub basement speakeasy in The Adolphus during the prohibition era.

The hat is produced in Phantom Grey and Black. Made of 100% beaver, the Renard features a 3″ slightly curved up brim, and a ribbon detail perfect for accessorizing with a feather or pin. Inscribed inside the headliner is ‘”The Renard” Made exclusively for The Adolphus Hotel.’ Shop Now >


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